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Helmut Peraus


Date of birth: 23.5.1941
Nationality: Austrian
Civil status: Married (3 children)

Education: University of Business Administration and Economics, Vienna, graduated in 1963

Mobile: +43 664 4428401
A-1220 Vienna, Leonard Bernstein-Str.
E-Mail: helmut.peraus@victoriaconsult.at

Professional experience record

1959 - 1989 Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG, Vienna; final position: director of Export Guarantee Department (responsible for the Export and Investment Guarantee Scheme of OeKB)
1989 - 1995 PRISMA Kreditversicherungs-AG, Vienna; founder and general manager
1995 - 2001 Senior advisor to PRISMA Kreditversicherungs-AG and to PRISMA Risikoservice GmbH & Co KG, Vienna
1983 - 2002 Lecturer at the University of Business Administration and Economics, Vienna, at the Karl Franzens-University, Graz/Austria, at the College for International Business Relations, Eisenstadt/Austria and at the College for Marketing and Sales, Vienna
1994 Initiative for launching the „Academy for Export-Credit and Investment Insurance Management (ACECRIM)“, a training facility aimed for at this time rather recently established Export Credit and Investment Guarantee Institutions and EXIMBANKS in the reforming countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Successful implementation during 1994 - 1996.
1999 - 2013 President of Victoria Consulting Corporation, Inc., Lehigh Acres/USA
2005-today ASEP - Austrian Senior Experts Pool
2006-2015 Bundesverband Credit Management Österreich:
Honorary chairman
2010 - today
Partner of Victoria 2010 LLC, Lehigh Acres/ USA



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